Happy New Year Guys!

Hope everyone had a great New Years! Sadly now all the fun is over and it's back to the grind. The grind for me being designing, so not much of a grind! As I told you before Christmas, I have one project due in on the 10th and an exam on the 18th. Well, luckily due to my overactive desire to work, I literally have one bit of a page to finish and a 500 word report to complete for the project so if it isn't sent off tonight, I'll be doing so tomorrow which will be nice! After I've sent it off, I'll hopefully upload a few images on here for you guys to have a gander through (though not many, the proposed minimum of 15 pages has somehow changed into 19 or so in my case, oops!).

Anyway, enough of me rambling about my work, here's the real reason why I'm back on here (even though it isn't even advertisement of the week time). I'm sure you've all noticed the increase in adverts on TV, showcasing New Year sales, holidays and insurance, as is always the case in the New Year (I'm not even going to mention weight loss adverts ha). One which I literally saw for the first time literally ten minutes ago and felt the need to pop on here and share was the new Virgin Airlines advert. All I can say is pure genius once again!

I've got to admit, as one of the biggest Muse fans you'll ever know (trust me on that, I've become a serious traveller following them to their gigs), it was the song what originally pulled my head up from my laptop screen to look at the TV. I love how this new advert has the Bond titles sort of feel and the colours used really does make you feel like going on holiday! The final line also gave me a giggle, I love the juxtaposition of the classy and flash advert with the localised accent at the end. I've got to admit, I've been a big fan of Virgin adverts for a while now, enjoying their retro feel and how they have gone back to the routes of their airline (including the burlesque advert featuring a woman displaying circular cards with the offers on to cover her private areas, very risque!). Below is another Virgin advert from last year (for their 25th anniversary) which I also really enjoyed for its retro feel, use of brilliant song and overall great piece. Bravo Virgin!

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