Advert of the Week 11: Volvo

Back to the routine of my normal blogposts from now on seeing as Christmas is over! You'll have to forgive me if I miss a blog entry here and there are it is rather hectic here in Sheffield at the moment; I'm cramming in some revision for my exam on the 18th but also we're moving house so there are endless amounts of boxes and things to be packed around our home. Plus I have to get my things packed to get back to Leeds, eek! Anyways, enough of me rambling about my personal life and times, here is my advert of the week (I apologise that there's been a few this week but New Year has provided TV with some great new adverts, excluding DFS and their never ending sale mind haha).

(You wouldn't believe how long it took me to find that ad)

As someone who is totally car illiterate, I don't tend to pay attention to their advertisements. They all seem to be slow mo and elegant blah blah. It was for those reasons why this one caught my eye. There's nothing funnier than something that is willing to take the mickey out of itself. I love how it deconstructs all other car adverts in 30 seconds in terms of how you make them. The black backgrounds, red text and sexy music and reminiscent of the stereotypical car advert and without the slides of text, it really would seem like just another car advert. It's those little sections which make you want to wait around and watch the advert again to make sure you actually read it (well, I did haha).

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  1. Agreed 100% with what you've written. The advert is very clever and the "advert recipe" it shows is true to life. It caught my attention the other day (the only advert in the ad break that did) and I found it rather pornographic (especially the music part). Any advert that makes you want a Volvo is worth shouting about. Good work