Happy 2000 Views!

After checking my stats and seeing the frustrating figure of 1999 views since my blog opened at the end of October 2010, I've just clocked up my 2000th after encouraging my fiance to click on it! Exam time tomorrow so I won't ramble on here for too long. Spent the past few days being the film buff that I am and watched several, out-of-my-comfort-zone films which I ended up really enjoying. My favourite in particular was 'Rules of Attraction'; an extremely weird film which often played backwards (which really made me feel strange watching it, especially with all the backwards music) and used clever camera angles and shots to convey the story. A film I'll definitely have to watch again, the chronology jumps all over the place and it switches often from speech to inner monologue and alternative experiences. Not really one for the faint hearted chick flick lover (which I tend to be to be honest) or for those who like a definitive, answered ending but I'd recommend giving it a try! I feel I need to read the book it's based on too now!

The film's really awesome promo poster
I also learnt a valuable lifelong lesson today: when you have new blue sheets, give em a wash before you sleep in them or you will wake up blue and look like a Smurf!

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