Designer of the Week 10: Well, logo design in general!

Found a spare few moments in between revising today to have a little gander of the internet and I came across this pretty cool site:

I really like the world of logos and branding and found myself enjoying the process immensely during my pasta brief. I've ended up spending a while on that site searching for logos old and new and appreciating the various vector illustrations both known and unknown companies use in order to represent them. Below are a few of my faves: 

New Look
UK Clothing company

Love this piece for it's use of it's personal, minimal text and amount of white displayed. The effect of spot colouring draws in the eyes and reflects the girly clothing of the company well

Delivery company

Although not an amazingly exciting logo on the offset, I have been amazed ever since a lecturer in my first year pointed out the deliberate arrow shape created between the 'e' and the 'x', emphasising the fast, straight forward delivery services offered by the company

Band logo

As my fave band of all time, you all knew it wouldn't take long for their logo to appear on here didn't you! The pure simplicity of this works so well, something which when I first saw the piece created an air of mystery of what it was all about and led me to Google them. The design translates well into different designs and colours which has been of great use to the band in terms of promotional material and merchandise

Franchise logo

Although I'm only really a fan of the later Batman films, the use of the same logo across the original comics to the Hollywood blockbusters has created an iconic logo, recognised by practically everyone. Even when not in full colour, the use of the one image of a bat is automatically associated with Batman, with no words even needed

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